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My name is Cynthia

I am an artist
and have created many clay figurines.
Please, come visit my gallery.
I also teach techniques in oven bake clay
starting with simple small projects
and gradually advancing to larger
more skillful projects.
Click Here for video lessons in oven bake clay and prices.
I'm also very proud to announce Pillow Crafts
by Joni and Loretta
Our family is very fond of pets.
We have so many that we couldn't fit a photo of all of them into one page,
but we managed to squeeze in a few.
We invite you to visit wild and rare Stallard's pet page.
I will be continuously adding some links to my favorite
Art and Craft places.
(links under construction)
If you have questions or suggestions
or know of some interesting places I can add to my links,
please contact me at

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