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my name is Troy
I am a retired superintendent for the construction industry.
I've managed several private tracts of
custom built single and two-story homes.
I still dabble in drawing blueprints.
My hobbies include woodworking and boats.
I like sail boats best and subscribe to
"WoodenBoats" magazine
and have made my own blueprints to
build a sail boat of my own.
I sure hope it floats when I'm done.
I also like fishing so I have added some links below
to a few places of interest for
boat lovers and fishermen.
But, be sure to bookmark our home page so you can
come back to all the other hobbies and interests.

carp and freshwater fishing
any boat on line boating zine
good sport small boats
If you know of any other good links
or would just like to give your comments,
send email to

Here is just a few
        of my favorite photos.  


                          My two sons holding their baby chicks.                                My wife, Cynthia


I'm very proud of my wife, Cynthia.
She makes every thing from refrigerator magnets
to figurines out of oven bake clay.
Please, visit Cynthia's "GALLERY OF CLAY".
She may be able to teach you a few things.
And, I might mention that art runs in the family,
come visit my mother-in-law,
Joni, and her sister, Loretta,

               GALLERY of CLAY

(music :  Fire and Rain)